Linda Vogel – Third Grade

Mrs. Vogel’s Third Grade 


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Copy of JFK Remote Learning Activities – Third Grade Week 1

Third Grade Week 2

Third Grade Week 3


FIELD TRIPS AND CLASS PARTIES: Field trips and class parties will be scheduled during the year. Parent help will be needed for organizing parties, and providing transportation for some field trips. Notes will come 甘肃快3走势图 as time nears for those activities.

GRADING SCALE: A copy of the grading scale used in third and fourth grade is found below. Please note this scale stays true to the ‘standard’ scale in the A and B range, but does give leeway in the C and D range. Most papers the students do will be marked with a percentage, and letter grade.

REMINDERS: When sending any money to 甘肃快3走势图 it is always helpful to the teacher if the money is in an envelope marked with the child’s name, 甘肃快3走势图room, and purpose for sending the money. Please feel free to contact any of your child’s teachers this year with questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your support!


99-100 A+
95-98 A
93-94 A-
90-92 B+
88-89 B
85-87 B-
82-84 C+
79-81 C
75-78 C-
71-74 D+
68-70 D
65-67 D-
64-Below F


Linda has taught at JFK for over 30 years. She has taught kindergarten and second grade as well as third grade. Linda really enjoys teaching reading, math, writing and religion. She thinks the best parts about teaching at JFK are the students, their families, and the dedicated staff. “It is wonderful to teach at a 甘肃快3走势图 where everyone works together, and we can talk about our Christian faith.” She has two daughters who attended JFK. Linda is also the After Care Director.